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Jul. 31st, 2008 @ 09:42 pm The Wish or The Romance Heroine

The Wish or The Romance Heroine

by Susan Umpleby


Monica leaned forward to peer eagerly at the newest romance novels on the display rack.  The vivid covers featuring muscular heroes embracing beautiful, scantily clad women made her heart race in anticipation.  Placing one copy of each new title into a hand basket, Monica wondered what life would be like if she were a romance heroine.  While paying for the books she thought it would be exciting if she could suddenly plunge into the pages of one of her favorite novels.  As she left the bookstore, Monica whispered, "I wish I could be a romance heroine" and laughed at her own foolishness.


The man walking towards her on the sidewalk could have stepped off the cover of any romance novel. A tailored shirt emphasized his wide shoulders.  Jeans molded themselves to his muscular thighs and hugged his lean waist.  His ruggedly handsome face and deep blue eyes made her tingle with awareness as warmth seemed to flood her body.  She felt suddenly breathless.  How amazing to be reacting to a complete stranger like this.


"I wish you'd stop doing that," the man said peevishly as he stopped in front of her.  She gaped at him in amazement.  "What on earth are you talking about?" 


Narrowing his eyes, he said, "Your thighs. They were taunting me."  His gaze wandered over her body.  Monica flushed, growing annoyed. This couldn't be happening.  As she stepped hurriedly back, though, she felt her thighs thrusting arrogantly against the narrow skirt she wore.


"I don't even know who you are," she squeaked as the stranger leaned closer. "Max Osborne," he murmured absently, looking with appreciation at her chest.  "God, it's distracting when you do things like that."


Monica looked down, appalled to see that her breasts were swelling, jutting proudly toward him, and she prayed the buttons on her blouse would hold.  What was happening to her?  Feeling the heat radiating between them, she wondered if she was becoming ill.  Max's eyes fixed intently on her lips as she bit them and Monica felt them grow fuller under his gaze. As he dipped his head she felt her lips open helplessly under his kiss. His hand cupped her breast, bringing Monica to her senses and she pulled away from him.   How could she behave this way in the middle of the sidewalk with a man she'd just met?  As she walked away from Max she felt her bottom surge roundly inside her skirt and knew his eyes were following her.  Her mind racing with confusion, Monica suddenly remembered the wish she’d made as she left the bookstore.  "Oh, Lord," she groaned. "I've become a romance heroine!"


She staggered as she walked, desperately trying to control legs that willfully thrust forward.  Monica found it difficult to keep her balance. Her tumescent buttocks caused her back to arch uncomfortably, while her engorged breasts heavily pulled her shoulders forward.  She felt like a travesty of a woman, and she marveled that she had ever thought that being a romance heroine could be fun.  Thank God she had stopped him before he ruined her best silk blouse by sucking on it!  Reaching the bookstore, she lunged through the door.  Lurching up to the counter, Monica laid down her shopping bag and made her request.  The clerk looked confused.  Monica mumbled again, struggling to control passion-swollen lips: "I want to exchange these for some mysteries, please."

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