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Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 07:36 pm Kicking back!
Current Mood: lazylazy
One of my laziest weekends ever! Never even got dressed, much less left the house. :cD

In between watching the Olympics on TV and playing on-line poker--in fact I'm doing both those things while posting this--I read a couple of books (one mystery and one romance), and watched a couple of programs I Tivoed.

The one thing I haven't done, which I swore I'd do, is write. Later tonight and tomorrow I'll have to get on that so I'll have something to take to the writer's group on Tuesday...
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Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 09:34 pm Captain Underpants or library adventures
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Tennessee Bird Walk
Who says librarians don't know how to have fun?!? We had our first Captain Underpants program today, so tonight I am writing using my new pseudonym, Snotty Chickenbrains...

About a hundred kids showed up for the fun, which we kicked off by giving everyone their Captain Underpants name (you can find C.U. name generators all over the place). With names like Poopsie Bubblebutt and Chim-chim Cootiejuice flying about there was general hilarity. Every kid was given a pair of tighty whities (Sears donated 130 pairs!) to decorate with fabric markers and also made special underwear hats out of construction paper.

Then we divided the kids into teams for a game involving three toilets I got Public Works to donate--untouched by any hineys, I hasten to add!-- where each group competed to throw "flaming" toilet paper tubes (the flames were made of tissue paper)into the toilets, which we'd decorated with sharp teeth and beady eyes. :)

Afterward there was a contest as to which kid could "sling-shot" their tighty-whities the farthest, followed by a relay race in which the kids had to put on a pair of underwear over their clothes and don a mask & cape, then take them all off and pass the them to the next kid in their group. The group which had to most kids "dressed" and "undressed" in the allotted time won.

We finished it all off with scrumptious refreshments: Day-old Bathwater Punch, Toxic Slime Cupcakes, Nasty Nostril Nuggets and Booger Yogurt. Once they were sated, the kids were sent home with special Captain Underwear paper airplanes to make, and several fun sheets.

And so now we can rest from our labors--until next month when we have our very first "Series of Unfortunate Events" program...
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Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 10:08 pm Forever and a day
Current Mood: blankblank
It's been forever and a day since I last updated. It's not as if my live is so hectic that I don't have time. Nor am I infirm. The plain fact of the matter is that I am just plain lazy and a firm subscriber to the creed "always put off until tomorrow what you could do today." And as we all know, tomorrow never comes.

And then along came Joe. Joe has nagged at me twice this week to get off my butt and post. So here I am. Posting. The thing is, though, I can't really think of anything to post about. And when I think about it, shouldn't Joe, who nudged me into posting, at the very least provide a topic? But no, he simply says "write." The pressure, the pressure!

So, Joe, for you I am posting about the fact that I am posting. At last. Unfortunately, this post must end quickly, as Gypsy Rose Lee is threatening to throw up on the living room rug...
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Jun. 4th, 2004 @ 04:40 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: sadsad
I just got back. Joe said his good-byes to Chandra this afternoon & gave her a last goodie--a Strawberry Nutrigrain bar, which she made sure to get every crumb of. Then he helped me take the back seats of the Cruiser. Spread a blanket in back for her. It took both of us to get Chandra out to the car from the house, one to lead her & the other to hold up her back end.

And she got so excited--Chandra just loved riding in the car. The appointment at the vet wasn't until 3:15, but I left early so I could giver her one last ride. Drove several miles, all around town, and I do think Chandra enjoyed herself. She kept trying to stand up and look out the window, but finally just sat and watched the world go by. Every once in a while she'd see something that excited her and make little sounds in her throat. When she'd get tired of sitting up, she'd lay down with her head between the front seats so I could pet her.

When I finally pulled into the vet's lot, I parked under a tree and opened up the back of the Cruiser. Climbed in and sat with Chandra for 10 or 15 minutes. Loved her up and said my goodbyes. Then I took her inside. I had to use two leashes--looped one under her stomach so I could hold her up. I sat on the floor and held her as they gave her the shot. Just a couple of seconds and no pain, and she was gone.

I didn't think I could hurt any more than I was. Then I got home, and the other dogs needed to be fed, and I found myself automatically starting to fill Chandra's bowl, too. It hit me all over again. And then again when I gave the bowls to Elsie Crumpet & Merlin. I've always handed out their food in a particular order: first Elsie Crumpet, then Chandra's bowl on her chair and then Merlin. I guess I was still on autopilot--after I gave Elsie her food, I turned and put Merlin's dish on Chandra's chair and he just stood there looking at me until I put his bowl in his spot.

My teeth hurt and I just discovered I've been clenching my jaw. It hurts so much to lose a pet like this. They live such short lives but while they're here they give you their all. Become part of your family. Chandra was one of the most loving dogs I've ever had. Gentle despite her size--well, when she wasn't stepping on you by accident--but protective as well. When the doorbell rang at night, it was always Chandra I took with me when I opened the door. One look at her & folks minded the manners. She liked to sleep on the foot of my bed before it got too hard for her to climb up, which could be painful if she started running in her sleep! And Chandra was known for her careful kisses; she would put her nose in your face and inspect it thoroughly before sticking her tongue out the tiniest bit and licking your nose or chin. I took her to work with me several times over the years to help out with preschool story time--she looked a great deal like Stephen Kellogg's character, Pinkerton, and I would do a dog-themed story time and bring Chandra in for the kids to play with. She would gently lay down and let the preschoolers pet her and climb on her. They loved it.

'Bye, Chandra. Miss you.
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Jun. 4th, 2004 @ 08:12 am Chandra
Current Mood: sadsad
I've had to make a very hard decision today. Chandra, my Great Dane, will be put to sleep this afternoon at 3:15. She's 9 years old now and has been on medication for arthritis for a year. This morning her hind end keeps collapsing and she needs help to get up. She ate her breakfast OK, but it's obvious that the time has come.

It tears me up every time this happens. Dogs live such short lives. But they give such joy, too. I remember when I brought Chandra home. She was seven months old and I got her from Great Dane Rescue--she'd been dumped because she is almost completely deaf. She was such a skinny thing! All feet and elbows & tail. She never did grow out of being something of a moose.

Chandra has always thought of herself as a lapdog, despite her size. Gets as much of herself up into your lap as she can manage & wants to be cuddled.

Damn. Keep crying. Gotta go.
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May. 29th, 2004 @ 10:09 am Reality Check Needed by the Right
While I was out driving this week, I tuned into one of the conservative talk radio stations, as I do periodically to see what they are discussing. I found myself listening to them rant about the new movie The Day After Tomorrow.

It was hysterical. They were responding as if this movie was a documentary! They were saying things like "the movie doesn't tell you that undersea volcanoes are responsible for..." and "industry doesn't cause..." And they even brought on an expert to refute the science in the movie!!!! They kept going on & on & on about liberals and their evil agenda.


I kept waiting for one of their callers to say HELLO! Reality check, please! It's a MOVIE, guys. It's NOT REAL.

Silly me--I should have known that most of their listeners take what is said on these talk radio stations as gospel. Every single person who phoned in joined the rant!

The scary thing is that it is folks like this that hold the majority in our government currently.
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May. 24th, 2004 @ 10:41 am Andy Rooney, when you're right, you're right
Normally I can't stand him. Andy Rooney, I mean. His ramblings about nothing. Once or twice since 60 Minutes began he has amused me slightly, but that's about it.

But last night he surprised me. Last night he said something serious, that I agreed with. Who ever thought I'd agree with Andy Rooney?


Our Darkest Days Are Here

May 23, 2004
Rooney On POW Abuse

(CBS) If you were going to make a list of the great times in American history, you'd start with the day in 1492, when Columbus got here.

The Revolution when we won our independence would be on the list.

Beating Hitler.

Putting Americans on the moon.

We've had a lot of great days.

Our darkest days up until now have been things like presidential assassinations, the stock market crash in 1929, Pearl Harbor, and 9-11, of course.

The day the world learned that American soldiers had tortured Iraqi prisoners belongs high on the list of worst things that ever happened to our country. It's a black mark that will be in the history books in a hundred languages for as long as there are history books. I hate to think of it.

The image of one bad young woman with a naked man on a leash did more to damage America's reputation than all the good things we've done over the years ever helped our reputation.

What were the secrets they were trying to get from captured Iraqis? What important information did that poor devil on the leash have that he wouldn't have given to anyone in exchange for a crust of bread or a sip of water?

Where were your officers? If someone told you to do it, tell us who told you. If your officers were told – we should know who told them.

One general said our guards were "untrained." Well, untrained at what? Being human beings? Did the man who chopped off Nicholas Berg's head do it because he was untrained?

The guards who tortured prisoners are faced with a year in prison. Well, great. A year for destroying our reputation as decent people.

I don't want them in prison, anyway. We shouldn't have to feed them. Take away their right to call themselves American - that's what I’d do. You aren't one of us. Get out. We don't want you. Find yourself another country or a desert island somewhere. If the order came from someone higher up, take him with you.

In the history of the world, several great civilizations that seemed immortal have deteriorated and died. I don't want to seem dramatic tonight, but I've lived a long while, and for the first time in my life, I have this faint, faraway fear that it could happen to us here in America as it happened to the Greek and Roman civilizations.

Too many Americans don't understand what we have here, or how to keep it. I worry for my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren. I want them to have what I've had, and I sense it slipping away.

Have a nice day.
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May. 13th, 2004 @ 03:38 pm Her first husband beat her, so it'sOK
Driving home for lunch today, I tuned in to hear what was going on on the conservative talk radio channels. And of course the Iraqi abuse scandal was the topic of debate. The commentator & his phone-in public were going on and on and on about how badly Saddam had treated his people, and the videos & pictures of that that are available. They were saying (as I've heard other people say) that what our people had done was nothing compared to that and so shouldn't really be considered as abuse or made that much of.

As I ate my lunch, it occured to me that this POV is analogous to a man saying, when criticized for slapping his wife: "Well, her first husband beat the crap out of her, and I only slap her around once in a while, so it's OK!"

What people like this don't seem to get is that someone else doing something wrong doesn't make it OK for us to do something wrong just as long as it's on a lesser scale. Our country is on a slippery slope. We're losing what moral highground we had in this arena. Though considering we entered this war on a lie, we didn't have much of a one at that.
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May. 1st, 2004 @ 12:46 am Waxing Gibbous, 84.2% of Full
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
The moon is almost full, which may explain the bids I got today. 4 out of the 5 auctions I had closing tonight went for way more than they should have. Every so often this happens, where a group of my auctions skyrocket for no apparent reason. So perhaps it is just the full moon.

It's nice, of course, but you keep expecting the buyer to come to their senses, :cD , and until the money is in my hot little hand & the package mailed off, it doesn't seem quite real. I also wonder if they really have read the description--one book that I described as having a LOT of underlining and margin notes went for over $40. Granted, it was on freesmasonry & you expect those to do well, but still... It will be interesting seeing this person's reaction when the book is sent to them.
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Apr. 10th, 2004 @ 09:53 pm I'M LIVING IN A FELLINI FILM!!!!
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Oh, brother. So, I activated the new card when I got it on Thursday. Later I tried my online banking again, but it still wouldn't work and when I called them BoA said "it may take as long as 24 hours after the activation of the new card."

OK, so I tried again last night (Friday)--but it still wouldn't work. And when I called BoA the woman who answered said "oh no, it could take as long as 48 hours after the activation of the new card for online banking to work again." Really? That's not what they said yesterday but, OK, I'll wait.

I tried it again today--still no access to my online banking, so I called BoA again. The woman who answers this time transfers me to another woman. This woman asks me what my log-in ID is and I tell her. She says "no it's not." Yes, it is, I say, and repeat it. She says no, my log-on ID is my social security number. I tell her that my SSN has never been my log-on ID and that I have been using the same ID I started using online banking. She says my log-on ID has never been what I said it was (!) but that she can change it to be that if I want...

Whatever. I just want to get into my online banking at this point, so I said sure. Now, I've been online while I've been talking to her, on the Bank of America site, and I try to log in again. It still won't let me. THEN she says "oh, the ID you're trying to use is too short, it needs to be at least 2 characters longer."

How can that be? My ID is 8 characters long & the screen in front of me is stating the ID should be between 6 and 20 characters. "No," she said it's between 10 & 20." I tell her the screen right in front of me says between 6 & 20, but she insists that's not right and that I absolutely have to add 2 characters to my ID.

Oh, all right!!!! So I added another two characters. Voila. At last I'm able to get access. Then I have to go to work. I got home this evening, signed in, and clicked the Bill Pay tab...and nothing was there. A notice on the page invited me to sign up for online bill paying "for free." How generous of them.

$%#@!&^%#%$!!! Just got off the phone with BoA again. It seems the nimrod who "helped" me earlier today managed to turn off the bill paying segment on the account. The man I just spoke to said he can "see" the information but that it will take two business days to get it reactivated.

So now I wait for Tuesday, in the hopeful knowledge that this whole episode will be over then. Or will it...
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